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konveksi di Sidoarjo JATIM dengan harga terbaik kualitas maksimal

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konveksi di Sidoarjo JATIM dengan harga terbaik kualitas maksimal
konveksi di Sidoarjo JATIM dengan harga terbaik kualitas maksimal
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Name:Mr. heru santoso [Owner/Entrepreneur]
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Y!: collection.diti@yahoo.com Y!: collection.diti
Mobile Number:08123521011
Phone Number:08123521011
Fax Number:(031) 8948225
Address:perum.sidokare asri aw 2-3 Sidoarjo,jawa timur
sidoarjo ,jawa timur 61253, Jawa Timur
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Registration Date:Jan. 01, 2012
Last Updated:Jan. 20, 2012
Business Nature:Manufacturing, Service of Apparel & Fashion category

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We serve the manufacture of clothing, be it with embroidery or screen printing to the Needs of employee uniforms, clothing and even clothing daily for certain events such as: A. Daily Uniform ( Uniform) B. Polo Shirts & Oblong C. D. Election Attributes Jeans / Denim E. Jackets, etc. F. Hats, other accessory for on-demand mode, could send an example to our design team. We will be making or the example that you have with various garment materials as required Like: Cotton Fabrics, Lakos, Drill, PE, hyget, TC, etc.. We also serve production system with CMT and FOB. For more information about our products please contact us at the address of the Campaign: Convection CV.Diti sidokare beautiful residential aw 2 - aw 3 Sidoarjo, East Java Tel. / Faxing. ( 031) 8923868 / ( 031) 8948225 Website: http: / / ditikonveksi.blogspot.com 08123521011/ 081938193404

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