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Name:Mr. abdul lathif
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Registration Date:Nov. 26, 2008
Last Updated:Apr. 04, 2014
Business Nature:Trade of Industrial Supplies category

Company Brief

We sell enerpac, general hydraulic, hydraulics, jacks, pumps, spart part, cylinder, high pressure, low pressure, oil pump.

For catalogue of enerpac, please see ( copy paste on the web address and delete the space and than enter) :

http: / / www.enerpacs.blogspot.com/

or find below :

http: / / pdf.directindustry.com/ pdf/ enerpac/ hydraulic-power-for-all-industrial-applications-14336-1144.html

Please find below the link to download the E326e Catalogue:

http: / / pr.enerpac.com/ files/ userfiles/ image/ promo/ E326e_8202_GB. pdf

Cylinders :
- general purpose cylinders
- low height flat jacks
- pancake cylinders
- hollow cylinders
- single acting
- double acting

Pumps :

- Manual Pumps
- Electric Pumps
- Gasoline Pumps
- Air Hydraulic Pumps

Contact person :
Email: enerpac@ ymail.com
HP: 081241346651 or 081241888131

Single Action ( rc, rcs, cll, clp, clsg, rch, rac, brc, brp.
Double action ( rrh, jh, ebj)
Hydraulic hoses ( hc)
Hand Pump ( Composite, stell hand pump, high pressure)
Air Pump ( pa, turbo 2, za)
Electric hydraulic pump ( Ze, zu4)
Frame Presses ( ip, h presses)
Roll frame presses ( ipr)
Tensiomenter & Load cell
Puller ( bhp series, master puller set, grip puller sets, cross bearing puller sets)
Grib puller
Maintenance set
Vertical lifting wedge
Stressing ( pt, dpt)
Cutter, bender
Bolting bolt ( FS, fsm, atm)
Bolting tools
Square drive torque wrench

Contact person :
Email: enerpac@ ymail.com
HP: 081241346651 or 085255816221

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