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BDCOM S2000 Series Switches

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BDCOM S2000 switches are modularized edge switches with high performance, which are independently developed by Shanghai Baud Data Communication Co., Ltd for enterprise’ s networks. This switch series includes S2008/ EMI, S2116E/ EMI and S2026, each having 8, 16 and 24 RJ45 10/ 100Base-TX auto-adaptable ports respectively. At the same time, the uplink of one or two 100M optical ports are supported by this series of switches, so 100M exchange can be configured flexibly according to actual requirements.

BDCOM S2008/ S2116/ S2026 switches can provide connections with high bandwidth and high performance between work groups or enterprises, and at the same time the powerful network management function, making users control the whole network resource much better. The application of it can settle the transmission bottleneck resulting from insufficient network bandwidth and rapidly increasing users, but the cost to apply it is low and the management is relatively simple.
BDCOM S2000E switch series is characterized with their highly tensed thunder prevention function. Their thunder prevention function can reach 4Kv so this series of switches can be applied at cases where thunder attacks often happen.
BDCOM S2000EMI switch series is characterized with its thunder prevention function and its private 60V power source especially for the broadcast, film and TV industry. That is why they are switches especially oriented for the broadcast, film and TV industry.

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