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Dunia Pemadam Kebakaran
Dunia Pemadam Kebakaran
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Name:Mr. HARLIANTO T S [Sales]
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Mobile Number:Mobile number of Mr. HARLIANTO T S at Malang
Phone Number:Phone number of Mr. HARLIANTO T S at Malang
Address:Jl. Bendungan Sutami No. 317 C
Malang 65145, Jawa Timur
http: / / www.duniapemadam.com
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Registration Date:Sep. 20, 2005
Last Updated:Dec. 08, 2013
Business Nature:Manufacturing, Trade, Service of Security & Protection category

Company Brief

This website contains General information about Fire Product, Fire-Fighting Equipments and Fire-Fighting Vehicles.


Mobile : + 62 81 334 641 651
E-mail :
harley@ offshore-indo.com
harley_mlg@ yahoo.com

http: / / www.duniapemadam.com

Major Products / Services
  • Jual Produk Keamanan (Safety)
    - Pemadam Kebakaran/ Fire Extinguisher
    - Fire Fighting Equipments and Systems
    - Brankas/ lemari besi
    - Filing Cabinet
    - Dual Band Handy-Talkie
    Kami melayani service:
    - Pemeriksaan Alat Pemadam Api Ringan (APAR)
    - Isi ulang / Refill APAR
    - Service / perbaikan dan maintenance APAR
    - Relokasi/ Pemindahan Brankas
    - Service / Perbaikan Brankas

    Kami juga menyediakan SPARE PARTS untuk:
    - Alat Pemadam Kebakaran (Selang APAR, Safety Pin, Box/ kotak APAR, Wall-clip, dsb)
    - Lemari besi/ brankas (Kunci Manual dan kunci kombinasi)
    - Safe Deposit Box (Block kunci SDB)
    - Avalock keys

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