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Jakarta Bubble Drink Supplies
Jakarta Bubble Drink Supplies
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Name:Mr. IWAN [Owner/Entrepreneur]
Instant Messaging:
WhatsApp: 081283760202 081283760202
Mobile Number:085692890908
Phone Number:+6221 709 06 039
Address:Jl. Gedung Hijau Raya SF 07 No.74 Pondok Indah
Jakarta Selatan 12310, Jakarta
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Registration Date:Apr. 11, 2012
Last Updated:Dec. 02, 2014
Business Nature:Manufacturing, Trade, Service of Food & Beverage category

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Company Brief

ntroduce We Jakarta Bubble Drink a company capable of producing material for businesses Bubble Drink Powder , Milk Shakes , Ice Blend and cappuccino Cincau and tapioca pearl with the quality and taste that has been recognized by our customers spread all over Indonesia, and we believed bebarapa Hotel , Restaurant , Cafe , Karaoke and Bubble Drink dozens of brands business we chose as their business partner to supply our best raw materials .

And we ' ve experienced a couple drinks Bubble Drink , Milk Shakes and Ice Blend and cappuccino Cincau

Our principles of doing business is not just for profit but also concerned and put quality and halal products . Spare your family and your customers by using the lawful and good product .

Do not be fooled by the proud and import products or other brands that claim to domestic products , but sold at a cheaper price and quality of taste is certainly far below us , because when you are wrong in choosing business partners ( suppliers ) then you sacrifice taste and quality halal products .

Jakarta Bubble Drink is the State Children' s Genuine Products with export quality . we are the only company that guarantees Bubble Drink halal in every product . Let' s use the original product Indonesia .

This is the official website www.jakartabubbledrink.com located at Jalan Raya Green Building SF 07 74 Pondok Indah in South Jakarta

JAKARTA Bubble Tea Supplies provide raw materials drinks BUBBLE DRINK & ICE BLEND with low price but the quality is not cheap . Special discount for any purchase of a large party .

Bubble drink business success is influenced by many factors , and most importantly the quality of the materials used bubble drink . JAKARTA Bubble Tea Supplies uses material bubble drink / bubble tea quality . Bubble drink whose main ingredient is powdered bubble drink .

And this type of drink , has a broad segment .. because it ' s not just one or two but many flavors flavors offered in this drink . new flavors we have :
choco caramel , mochacino , Carame coffee , cappuccino , creamy chocolate , bubble gum , taro , vanilla , vanilla blue , vanilla latte , green tea , guava , soursop , lychee , mango , orange , melon , strawberry , etc.
all items Rp.65.000
10, 000 liquid sugar

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