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Name:Mr. DARMAN [Owner/Entrepreneur]
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Y!: Sudarmanbong@yahoo.co.id Y!: Sudarmanbong@yahoo.co.id
Mobile Number:Mobile number of Mr. DARMAN at jakarta utara
Phone Number:Phone number of Mr. DARMAN at jakarta utara
Address:office: Jl Ampera 7 no 14 Jakarta utara 14420 DKI JAKARTA INDONESIA
jakarta utara 14420, Jakarta
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Registration Date:Dec. 31, 2010
Last Updated:Dec. 31, 2010
Business Nature:Manufacturing of Industrial Supplies category

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Our Company Lucky Teknindo started it' s operations on February 2, 2002. We are commited to supply the growing demands for electrical and electronic parts in Indonesia and abroad. In five years time, our products have grown into varied types especially for brass metal products. Through the latest innovation and continuous improvement we are able to develop our products to meet the needs of our customers. we are fully supported by a highly develop international Standard Quality System in handling our production in order to ensure a Consistent, Effective and Efficient Production Process. more Our Mission & Vision To be the best supplier of high precision turning parts and other metal parts with long term partner from precision engineering industries.

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