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PT Ligno Specialty Chemicals

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PT Ligno Specialty Chemicals
PT Ligno Specialty Chemicals
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Name:Mr. Agung Kusuma Wijaya [Marketing]
Mobile Number:0857-1639 6313 / 0813-8303 6313
Phone Number:021-5937 1878
Fax Number:021-5937 1062
Address:Kawasan Industri KM7, Jl. Karet IV No.36/37 Mekar Jaya Tangerang
Tangerang, Banten
Concrete Admixture, Obat Pengeras dan Pempercepat pangeringan Beton
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Registration Date:May. 16, 2011
Last Updated:May. 16, 2011
Business Nature:Manufacturing, Trade of Chemicals category

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Company Brief

PT Ligno Specialty Chemicals, Specialty Chemicals is a company operating in several industries with the main product that serves Dispersing Agent and Binding Agent.
Industrial applications as follows:
1. Concrete admixture or Materials Accelerator hardener and drying concrete, superplasticizer and High Range Water Reducer Concrete.
2. Dispersing Agent In dyeing Chemical Textile Dyeing, or dyestuff and Textile Auxiliaryes
3. Binder or adhesive Fertilizer Fertilizer granules and Anticaking
4. Binder pelleting Animal Feed, Animal Feed Pellet Coating Oil
5. Improffment Soil Road, Roal Stabilizer and Dust suppressant, Binder Controller dust
6. Anti-scale water treatments, Dispersing agent.
7. Drilling Mud stabilizer, Viscosifier Drilling Mud.

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