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Name:Mr. Setia Adi [Owner/Entrepreneur]
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Y!: setiaentreu999 Y!: setiaentreu999
Mobile Number:+6285885669966
Phone Number:+6285885669966
Address:Bukit Kramatwatu Indah, Blok I. Kramatwatu
Serang 42161, Banten
mailto : globalvisioncv@ gmail.com
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Registration Date:Feb. 15, 2011
Last Updated:Apr. 05, 2011
Business Nature:Manufacturing, Trade of Construction & Real Estate category

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Carved Door Frame is one of the business networks of Global Vision Corp.. Door Frame Carved wooden doors and windows made of wood with carved decoration such as carving Jepara.

Carved wood doors will add to the impression of art in your home. It will also look more majestic and natural, stand out among other homes.

Carved Wood Doors Our production has a good quality, smooth and neat as engravings done by craftsmen from the town of Jepara carving.

Your home can look special and stand out compared with Door Frame your neighbors. With Doors Wood Carving Frame will make your home becomes:
1. Your home has become more natural images and natural art
2. You are a great home will look more grand and beautiful.
3. Carved Door Frame could increase the selling value of home
4. For developers, Door Wood Carving Frame could be a key selling point and differentiation compared to other developers so they can bring in more buyers.

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