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Pratama Mandiri Motor
Pratama Mandiri Motor
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Name:Mr. Shandi [Director/CEO/General Manager]
Instant Messaging:
Y!: lo35h@yahoo.com Y!: lo35h
Google Talk:  lushandil@gmail.com  lushandil@gmail.com
Mobile Number:02270761715
Phone Number:0225414149
Fax Number:0225414149
Address:Terusan Cibaduyut 94
Bandung 40239, Jawa Barat
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Registration Date:Jun. 15, 2011
Last Updated:Oct. 10, 2011
Business Nature:Manufacturing, Trade, Service of Automobile category

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buying and selling new and used motorcycles in cash or credit backed up by five leading leasing with guaranteed warranty and spare parts are original machines helped enough credit terms with our phones at competitive prices shoeroom send the first unit in our area shuttle service shuttle service credit application unit who suffered damage in the period covered by credit insurance facilitated the process leading

Major Products / Services
  • Adira Finance
    Leasing Pembiayaan kredit sepeda motor
  • Suzuki Finance Indonesia
    Leasing Pembiayaan kredit sepeda motor

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