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Name:Mr. Bambang Kisworo [Marketing]
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Mobile Number:+62816667671
Phone Number:081325114733
Fax Number:0291-433755
Address:Jl. Raya Kudus Pati Km.12
Kudus 529382, Jawa Tengah
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Registration Date:Jan. 17, 2007
Last Updated:May. 16, 2007
Business Nature:Manufacturing, Service of Industrial Supplies category

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PT PURA BARUTAMA, Engineering division is one from PURA GROUP 24 divisions. We have long and excellent tradition in supporting PURA GROUP' s operation.
Team work is the important foundation for us in achieving a high quality, competitive price, expert and professional service to our customer. Our products are Agricultural machinery, Fishery & Refrigerating machinery, alternative energy ( Bio energy, wind power, solar cell, etc.) , Printing & converting machinery, generators, spare parts, machining services, Fabrication and Industrial Aplication services.
Should you need futher information, please call us and we are more than willing to discuss about your specific requirements.

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