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Name:Mr. Krisna Susilo [Owner/Entrepreneur]
Mobile Number:+62811298165
Phone Number:+62247617797
Fax Number:+62247617779
Address:Puri Eksekutif 1
Semarang 50144, Jawa Tengah
Juga menyewakan ruang untuk acara pernikahan, rapat, pesta atau gathering.
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Registration Date:Apr. 28, 2011
Last Updated:Apr. 28, 2011
Business Nature:Trade, Service of Food & Beverage category

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Company Brief

Family restaurant with its unique tatami style and fishing area. Costumers can enjoy both fishing activities and have the fish cooked. The restaurant is built on a floating milk fish ponds. It offers lots of fresh and scrumptious sea food menus. Being close by the airport, the costumers can enjoy the view of planes landing - taking off and sunset which is added to its uniqueness.

Major Products / Services
  • Makanan
    Aneka jenis masakan, berbahan dasar dari laut, unggas, mie dan sayuran
  • Minuman
    Aneka jenis minuman dan jus.

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