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AWG Fittings

AWG Fittings  AWG Fittings

* AWG Cellar Nozzle
* AWG Water Curtain Nozzles
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AWG Water Curtain Nozzles
Stable water curtain nozzle for unmanned protection of threatened buildings, gaseous hazards, or cooling situations. Specify 1.5 210 GPM or 2.5 370 GPM at 75 PSI models.

AWG Cellar Nozzle
Excellent nozzle for cellar or hard to access areas which distributes high flow of water in a wide 360 degree area. Brass chrome plated 2.5 NH nozzle will flow 170 GPM @ 100 PSI.....
AWG 2-Way LDH Ball Valves
Mid-Size 2 way LDH ball valve for feeding two lines with one large line. A light weight valve with powder coating for lasting finish. Hard anodized balls with stainless steel....
AWG Leader Line Wyes
Standard 2 way ball valve for feeding two lines with one line. A light weight valve with powder coating for lasting finish. Hard anodized balls have stainless steel tappets for....
AWG 2-Way Clappered Siamese
Light weight, clappered Siamese for supplying one LDH line from two smaller lines. The aluminum alloy is powder coated for long lasting finish and corrosion resistance. The one....
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