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Sell : Jual Huawei ETS 5623 Murah, produsen Telpone Rumah, FWP Huawei ETS 5623 hub heru 085720848901/ 0511....  Mar. 29, 2014 10:06:32

Huawei ETS 5623 GSM desktop phone Fixed wireless phone Huawei ETS5623 UIM, is a GSM terminal whice only need to insert a SIM card, you can call local phone, long distance domestic and international....

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  • Products Catalog : IP420HDPS - IP Phone Audiocodes 420HD dengan Power Suppply  Mar. 28, 2014 10:57:34

    420HD SIP IP Phone The AudioCodes 400HD series of IP Phones is an important addition to our VoIP product offering for the service provider hosted services, enterprise IP telephony and contact....

    Supplier: Distributor Audiocodes di Indonesia [Jakarta, Jakarta, Indonesia]
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  • Products Catalog : SOUNDSTATION 2 ( non-expandable ) - POLYCOM VOICE CONFERENCE  Mar. 27, 2014 12:43:52

    POLYCOM SoundStation2 ( Non-expandable) - With LCD Display Remarkable voice quality. The new standard for everyday audio conferencing. * Resists interference from mobile phones * Polycom....

    Supplier: VISITELECOM [DKI Jakarta, Jakarta, Indonesia]
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    Products Catalog : AUSTIN HUGHES CyberView 17" LCD Keyboard Drawer with KVM Switch RKP117-802E  Mar. 25, 2014 16:21:16

    17" LCD Keyboard Drawer with touch pad integrated KVM Switch 8 Port DB 15, 2x local console, Include 8 Pcs CE 6 KVM Cable 6ft Combo PS/ 2 or USB

    Supplier: PT. UNI NETWORK COMMUNICATIONS [Jakarta Pusat, Jakarta, Indonesia]
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    Products Catalog : Antena base diamond series  Mar. 24, 2014 18:20:27

    Special Features: • Fiberglass radomes • Overlapping outer shells for added strength • Strong waterproof joint couplings • Stainless steel hardware • Wide band performance • Factory adjusted – ....

    Supplier: prima sarana elektronic [DKI JAKARTA, Jakarta, Indonesia]
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    Products Catalog : Cisco TelePresence SX10 Quick Set  Mar. 24, 2014 14:17:27

    The Cisco TelePresence SX10 Quick Set is an all-in-one video conferencing system, designed to simply install over your existing flat panel HD display. Set up the codec over your HD television, ....

    Supplier: Distributor Cisco Collaboration di Indonesia [Jakarta Selatan, Jakarta, Indonesia]
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  • Products Catalog : Telehealth Frontliner from Audisoft  Mar. 24, 2014 11:30:04

    Keep your eyes on the action with FrontLine HD Cameras from AudiSoft. These dual, high-definition 3G-embedded and 4G ready cameras with full Wi-Fi spectrum ( 802.11) make it easy for medical....

    Supplier: Distributor Audisoft di Indonesia [Jakarta, Jakarta, Indonesia]
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  • Putra Jaya Phone II  Mar. 19, 2014 20:15:26

    Putra Jaya Phone II ITC ROXY MAS LT Dasar No 96B Tlp: 082112659119 Terima Jual Beli & Tukar Tambah Hp Baru / Secon, Servis, Dll

    [Jakarta, Jakarta, Indonesia]
    Products Catalog : Panasonic KX-TG1312  Mar. 15, 2014 15:27:11

    50 Name & Number Phonebook Caller Id Compatible Illunminated Display Clock, Alarm, Key Lock Call Restriction

    Supplier: WOW SMART ELECTRONICS & TELECOMMUNICATIONS [Yogyakarta, Yogyakarta, Indonesia]
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    Sell : Brother MFC-1810 printer Multi Function  Mar. 13, 2014 17:28:05

    The Automatic Document Feeder ( ADF) allows unattended scanning, copying and faxing of multi-page documents quickly and easily, complementing our MFC' s stack and sort capabilities for added....

    Supplier: SURYA ABADI [Jakarta, Jakarta, Indonesia]
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    Sell : Jual= Anytone AT@ 800 GSM Signals Repeater Anytone AT800 l Antenna AT800 l Booster GSM AT800 l....  Mar. 4, 2014 23:28:15

    BOOSTER REPEATER GSM-GSM / GSM PHONE SIGNAL Amplifiers 900MHz ( NEW PRODUCTS IMPORT) .. If COMMUNICATIONS GSM phone Anda ( telokmsel, matrix, sun, sympathy, proXL DLL) with problems of QUALITY....

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  • Sell : Pulsa online, token listrik, voucher game terlengkap  Mar. 4, 2014 21:49:59

    Need an online credit immediately? Or want to browse the electrical pulse prepaid? PLN bill, PAM, TELKOM has not been paid this month? Playing games or want to buy gaming vouchers yet? We....

    Supplier: Pulsabook [Semarang, Jawa Tengah, Indonesia]
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  • BlackBerry PIN: 2A40CD60 2A40CD60
    MEGA SARANA ABADI  Mar. 4, 2014 17:51:01

    SIUP : 510/ 31-BPPT/ PK/ I/ 2014 TDP : 102634612276

    [BEKASI, Jawa Barat, Indonesia]
    Products Catalog : Radvision - Videoconferencing  Mar. 3, 2014 19:41:28

    Since 1992, RADVISION ( NASDAQ: RVSN) is the industry’ s leading provider of products and technologies for unified visual communications over IP and 3G networks. RADVISION offers the broadest and....

    Supplier: Viconindo - Videoconference Indonesia [Jakarta, Jakarta, Indonesia]
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    PL2AC means Phone Line to Audio Converter. Usefull for Converting your Fixed Line Phone to Conecting to your audio mixer. Every Broadcast Televisi or Radio station necessary.

    Supplier: Inspirator Teknologi Indonesia [Jakarta, Jakarta, Indonesia]
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