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Products Catalog : Workstation, Servers & Workstations, Workstation specialis, jaringan unit system informasi, parallel....  Sep. 2, 2014 21:22:38

Integrated Workstation Solution by legrand : Electrical power raise acces floor box or floor sockets Multimedia & Power and data distribution for the office environment. Connection: - floor....

Supplier: Priority Member PT. PELANGI CAHAYA SEMPURNA [Jakarta Selatan, Jakarta, Indonesia]
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  • Sell : HEAT STRESS MONITOR PCE-320 ( WBT )  Sep. 2, 2014 15:55:11

    HEAT STRESS MONITOR PCE-320 ( WBT ) WET BULB TEMPERATURE PCE-320 Heat Stress Monitor ( psychrometer ) is possible to measure climate conditions such as temperature and relative humidity as well....

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  • Sell : RADIO RIG KENWOOD TS-2000 MULTI-BAND ( SSB/ UHF/ VHF)  Sep. 2, 2014 15:40:27

    CV.INDOTELECOM. The all new Kenwood TS-2000 series transceiver offers today' s demanding Amateur operator high performance standards without the compromising limitations found in other similar multi....

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    Sell : Telepon Satelit Iridium Extreme 9575  Aug. 28, 2014 6:20:08

    Telepon Satelit Iridium Extreme 9575 Specifikasi : Compact physical footprint for streamlined portability Intuitive user interface for out-of-the-box ease of use Jet-water, shock and dust....

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    This series of bridges make use of Motorola' s proprietary Point-to-Multipoint Wireless Broadband Platform modulation scheme to deliver broadband connectivity across distances of up to 35 miles ( 56....

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    Sell : Jual Bittel dan Cottel hotel telephone  Aug. 22, 2014 13:51:57

    Vision and Mission ; Cotell International Limited vision is to be acknowledged as a leader in design, development, and manufacture of hospitality guestroom communication devices and solutions as....

    Supplier: Priority Member PT. BYTEL SARANA TELKOMINDO [Komp. Ruko Klinik Anggrek - Jakarta, Jakarta, Indonesia]
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    Products Catalog : VOXTER V-35  Aug. 11, 2014 11:03:38

    Main Features 199 Memory Channels With LCD Display Wire Clone PC Programming CTCSS 50 Groups, DCS 83* 2 Groups Hand free VOX Sound Alert Calling Remind Group Function ....

    Supplier: Priority Member PT. Mitra Prima Komunikasi [Jakarta Timur, Jakarta, Indonesia]
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    Products Catalog : HT Vertex Standard VX-231 VHF Murah dan Bergaransi  Aug. 7, 2014 10:15:24

    Vertex Standard' s VX-231 is the newest portable two-way radio and is packed full of features at an affordable price. Small, compact, and extremely durable the VX-231 Portable is the perfect radio....

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    Products Catalog : Sunrise IDSL Module SSxDSL-5  Aug. 5, 2014 16:24:59

    Interface: S/ T, U Emulation Mode: LT, NT, TE Channel Data: Loop or terminated BERT Test Channel: B1, B2, D, B1+ B2 or 2B+ D Transmit Clock Setting ( LT modes only) : Internal, ....

    Supplier: Priority Member PT Sinar Surya Komindo [Jakarta, Jakarta, Indonesia]
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    Products Catalog : Commax CM-810 ( Intercom Wireless)  Jul. 15, 2014 15:51:50

    FEATURES • Open Voice Intercom Model • Can be fitted with branch Parent 1 unit 4 units up to 10 units • Using a 1-pair cable. • 1-way communication • Distance max: 300 meters ( cable 0, 65 mm) ....

    Supplier: Priority Member PT. SAFIRA JAYA TELEKOMINDO [Pekanbaru, Riau, Indonesia]
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    Products Catalog : Isafe  Jul. 7, 2014 11:59:04

    PT. Interpima Indocom is Authorized sole agent for: OBO Bettermann ( Germany) - Lightning Protection System ( External & Internal) - Cable Management System ( Cable tray, Mesh, ladder, ....

    Supplier: Priority Member PT. Interprima Indocom [Jakarta, Jakarta, Indonesia]
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  • Products Catalog : HT MOTOROLA GP328 PLUS  Jun. 20, 2014 16:58:32

    Handy Talky Motorola GP338 Plus display radio - the smallest in Motorola’ s Professional Series. It is compact, light and fit easily into the palm of your hand. A versatile alternative for those who....

    Supplier: Priority Member BAROKAH COMMUNICATION [Jakarta Barat, Jakarta, Indonesia]
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    Y!: susanto.trikomkharisma Y!: susanto.trikomkharisma Y!: marketing2.trikomkharisma Y!: marketing2.trikomkharisma Y!: marketing1.trikomkharisma Y!: marketing1.trikomkharisma Y!: marketing4.trikomkharisma Y!: marketing4.trikomkharisma Y!: marketing5.trikomkharisma Y!: marketing5.trikomkharisma Y!: susanto.trikomindo Y!: susanto.trikomindo
    Products Catalog : Fanvil IP Phone Expansion Module C10  Jun. 6, 2014 19:21:39

    Sell Best and Cheap Fanvil IP Expansion / Extension Module C10. Fanvil IP Expansion / Extension Module C10 is an expansion module which has 30 DSS keys ( programmable keys) per module and it can....

    Supplier: Priority Member PT. TRIKOMINDO KHARIS UTAMA ( Trikom Kharisma) [Jakarta Pusat, Jakarta, Indonesia]
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    Products Catalog : Mikrotik RouterBoard RB411U OS Level 4  Jun. 5, 2014 12:34:03

    RB411U The RB411U is a versatile yet very small device. It includes all - a miniPCI slot, a USB 2.0 port and a miniPCI-E slot for connecting a 3G card. A SIM card slot for 3G is also present on ....

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    Sell : HT Weierwei Vev 3288S, Handy Talky Weierwei 3288s, Weierwei VEV 3288s  May. 26, 2014 13:06:52

    Features VHF 5W/ UHF 4W output power, the group of 128 memory channels to choose from a wide narrow-band ( 25kHz/ 12.5kHz) , ANI identification code ( to buy) , VOX voice-activated features to....

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