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Systempro. Jual alat audio visual video conference mikrofon rapat Indonesia

Systempro is a company engaged in the design package audiovisual systems integrated video conference room meeting equipment such as microphones, video conferencing equipment, video conferencing software, sound system, audio visual control systems, video wall, digital signage, tour guide system, interpreter system
  We sell audio visual products meeting room video Indonesia with high quality such as:
Bosch conference system.
    Is a microphone for meetings, such as 1 package consisting of the chairman of the meeting mic, mic meeting participants ( number of mic adjusted by the number of participants) , a power supply that provides power to the entire microphone and cable support cable.
    Model ( type of goods) conference mic Bosch
    There are several models Bosch CCS900 ULTRO conference mic, digital conference system and Bosch digital wireless conference system.
    Video conferencing / video conferencing tools
    Video conferencing is a video conferencing tool that is used to conduct a meeting between two or more locations to communicate in the form of voice, images and data via the internet jarigan. Meetings can be conducted by one group of participants of the first meeting locations meeting room with 1 other location meeting room. With additional equipment meeting can be done by some / many locations at once at the same time.
  By means of video conferencing / video conferencing we can improve the efficiency, productivity, speed decision-making, training and information products obtained immediately because the meeting can be done instantaneously simply rotate ip number for communication purposes. We no longer need to travel far, by car, on a plane that takes a long time but we simply sit in a meeting room at the office, at another location with internet access and communicate with the other person' s voice and images that appear on the LED tv.
  Video conferencing, video conferencing equipment Polycom brand
    We are dealer of Polycom distributor in Indonesia, we sell Polycom video conferencing. Polycom video conferencing equipment is a leading brand of USA.
  Polycom offers a range of solutions that the equipment will be used in one office with a little meeting participants, meeting attendees and meeting participants who are with many participants.
  various models of a small camera to the camera that can pan tilt zoom. Models of video conferencing with the ability to conduct video conferences from 1 location / location 6 to 8 locations. With additional equipment, the MCU Polycom video communication can be expanded up to tens or even hundreds of locations simultaneously to meet face to face and talk.
  Polycom video conferencing models in the market now is the Polycom Group300 with fixed camera ( static camera) , there is a microphone in the camera to capture the sound of the meeting participants. this model is the simplest model. Polycom Group300 with an eagle eye camera, this model is equipped with a camera that can pan tilt and zoom. Polycom Group500 with an eagle eye video conferencing camera is a model suitable for medium-sized companies because we can do a presentation on a laptop ( content sharing) and then sent to the participants in our location and other locations. By adding Polycom group500 licensed then can be used as a host to multiple conference from 6 locations at once. Polycom group700 is a model that features higher than the Polycom group500 because it can be installed 3 cameras, can make a presentation of 3 laptops ( 3 inputs) and then sent to the other person. To find the model that is suitable for your needs on the Polycom video conferencing can contact us.
Video conferencing, video conferencing equipment brand Lifesize
Lifesize is a company founded in 2003 is headquartered in Austin, Texas. Branch offices spread across the Americas, Europe, Asia the Pacific. Lifesize later acquired by Logitech in 2009 Lifesize focusing on audio video virtual communication to strengthen the relations between customers, partners, business associates, suppliers, co-workers with the good product quality, no matter the distance, wherever you are able to communicate in a simple, fast the cost of which can be tailored to the capabilities of the budget allocated, additional equipment can be done in the future because the initial investment can be developed.
Lifesize video conferencing tool icon 600 latest with ease of use
Lifesize icon 600 is the latest video conferencing equipment, this tool is used to in a meeting room, easy to use without the need to use training as a simple remote, simple, the monitor can show the function button on the remote, the monitor recorded our nickname list, recent call etc. .
    Interpreter system, tool interpreters
    Interpreter interpreter system is a tool that is used to transmit voice translator translation results wirelessly to a participant in a conference / meeting / training.
  At a training / meeting / conference speakers often speak in one language while the participants were not able to listen to the language that passed. To be able to understand the information provided by the participants then there needs to be a translator who translates directly / live during the event page. If participants consisted of a group of people from different countries is needed translators in any language understood by the participants from various countries TSB.
  Interpreter interpreter system is a tool that can support this activity. By adding a series of interpreter console then this tool can be used by translators of various languages at once sent directly to the participant ( simultaneous interpreter system) . Speakers will not be disturbed because of all the translators generally sit in the booth and translate language interpreters in the booth page. Participants can easily select the channel / desired language by turning the button on the receiver and heard the voice translation results with earphones on each participant.
One interpreter tool system consists of a console interpreter that we associate with the audio mixer sound system, language translators listening through headphones that we connect with the console interpreter. translators translate through the existing microphone on the console interpreter. interpreter console we connect with the transmitter equipment that sends the voice translator existing wireless receiver to waist each participant. participants choose the desired language by turning the knob on the receiver, put on earphones and listen to the language of the translator. We mejual interpreter williams brand sound system of the USA. Contact us to get the detail modeling tools brand interpreters Williams sound
    Audio Tour Guide System
    Audio tour guide audio tour guide system is often used when there is a visit at the factory, museum, offices and tourist attractions
  The function of the audio tour guide system is to provide information through earphones and receivers that are taking place on our visit. So one or more of the tour guide telling us about the places visited by using the tool transmitter and microphone, the story of the process in the factory, the story of the history of the tourist attractions etc.. the voice of the tour guide is sent wirelessly to a receiver tool that we use waist, we listen to in ear earphones. By means of an audio tour guide system is voice of the tour guide will clearly audible despite the factory atmosphere, the atmosphere of noisy tourist spots.
  We sell Williams sound audio tour guide system in the form of packets 1 bag with contents 1 transmitter and 10 receivers. We can also sell the amount that suits your needs.
  Video wall system
  Video wall system is a tool for displaying images of presentation, data, video. This tool is a lcd monitor with the left side of the right upper and lower thin. lcd monitor is then arranged left to right with the number 2/ 3/ 4 or more and drawn down the number 2/ 3/ 4 or more
  lcd tv structured with using a buffer bracket so that when viewed from a distance will form an image / video huge size varies depending on the amount drawn lcd monitor
  Video wall can display images from a lot of input, namely PC, blueray, satellite dish or other input other decoder. The display on the LCD monitor can be developed into a large picture consists of a picture or a small picture size adjusted to our needs. The picture settings can be done with software specifically designed for this application
  We sell NEC video wall, contact us to get a system that is needed for your needs.
  Sound system
  Sound system is a sound system that is useful to show a clearer sound and detail throughout the room. Sound system is a series of electronic devices that are connected to each other. 1 package sound system consists of a microphone input, DVD input, CD input, the laptop is connected to the audio input audio mixer that combines the sound of these various input devices. From then we connect the mixer amplifier, signal booster amplifier is a device that is obtained from the mixer output. From then we connect the amplifier to the speakers for sound. number of these speakers need to be taken into account that a large number of small and adapted to the existing space. The point number of the speakers should be able to reach the entire room so that people can listen to the sound of the vocals, the music is clear and detailed without any disturbing noise.
    Audio-visual control systems
    Audio-visual control systems are a tool to operate / manage the audio-visual equipment packages that have been integrated. This tool is a remote touch monitors whose job it is easier for the operator to be able to control all the existing equipment by simply pressing the touch monitor.
  Conceivably number of existing remote to operate the tool if we use a lot of equipment in one room. Operators will be difficult and perhaps also when we need remote they will be lost due to the many remote that we need to save.
  We sell Extron / Crestron audio-visual control systems that monitor a wireless touch screen that can be used to control and operate all equipment. This wireless touch monitor to be able to recognize all of the equipment we need to do programming in accordance with the type of goods to be there so that it can interact with each other and communicate.

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