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polycom video conference,  indonesia
polycom video conference, indonesia
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polycom video conference, indonesia


SYSTEMPRO is a company engaged in the field of integrated audio visual system solutions such as Video conferencing - audio conference - Polycom teleconferecing - Bosch conference

We choose quality products from several well-known brands such as:
Bosch digital wireless audio conference system. the electronic equipment for communications using the microphone in the boardroom
Polycom video web conferencing, ip phone, mcu, conference phone, video call for video and voice communication requirements in the boardroom.
Electrovoice speakers, amplifiers, Prosound system. the professional sound system equipment for use in auditoriums, conference rooms, seminar, school, traning rooms and meeting rooms.
Extron interfaces, switching and control system is a tool to connect all audio devices with integrated multimedia video sound control system can control all devices with a touch screen monitor.
Taiden digital infrared wireless conference microphone is a wireless device with digital technology that produces very clear sound for a wide frequency range.
Toa analog infrared conference system, the infrared wireless audio conferencing system of Toa
williams sound system interpreter is an interpreter means for transmitting a wireless signal translation into various languages .
Williams sound audio tour guide is the equipment to provide information in the form of wireless audio to participants travel tour, tour in the office, factory tour

Contact us for system planning, product details, pricing estimation calculations, installation and training to your liking.

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