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Barrier Gate, automatic door, autogate, BARRIER GATE 021-6627526

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Barrier Gate, automatic door, autogate, BARRIER GATE 021-6627526

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Price:barrier gate murah tapi tdk tdk murahan dgn no1 barrier gate
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Quantity:barrier gate
Pack. & Delivery:barrier gate price
Specification:nice center barrier gate with compettive price barrier gate tobeat the barrier gate market and high quality barrier gate

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Name:Mr. BARRIERGATE.NET boomgate.net [Director/CEO/General Manager]
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ICQ: 66666
Windows Live: 66666 66666
Skype: 66666
Google Talk:  6666  6666
Mobile Number:anthon 08121831578 /02198681231 suryadi
Phone Number:telp l 021-6627526/7 office
Fax Number:0216616958
Address:JLN bandengan utara no 80 komplek bandegan indah blok a32
jakarta utara barrier gate 14440, Jakarta
barrier gate, barrier-gate, barrier gate pusat , barrier gate system, pusat distributor tunggal barrier gate
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