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Barrier Gate, automatic door, autogate, BARRIER GATE 021-6627526

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Barrier Gate, automatic door, autogate, BARRIER GATE 021-6627526

barrier gate

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Specification:we are nice center barrier gate specialist barrier gate in all indonesia and world our product barrier gate lilke barrier gate nice , barrier gate fastmatic™ , barrier gate smartmatic™ , barrier gate bitec™ who our company barrier gate from nice cener barrier is sole distributor of five brands to give customer best valuable products cheap price higher quality we except tender for goverment projects which our company can support with many techinician of our barrier gate company we serve indonesia more than 10 years to give the customer best product barrier gate best service, best brands of barrier gate so you can pay full for it barrier gate the cheapest and barrier gate for high quality BARRIER GATE

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Name:Mr. BARRIERGATE.NET boomgate.net [Director/CEO/General Manager]
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ICQ: 66666
Windows Live: 66666 66666
Skype: 66666
Google Talk:  6666  6666
Mobile Number:anthon 08121831578 /02198681231 suryadi
Phone Number:telp l 021-6627526/7 office
Fax Number:0216616958
Address:JLN bandengan utara no 80 komplek bandegan indah blok a32
jakarta utara barrier gate 14440, Jakarta
barrier gate, barrier-gate, barrier gate pusat , barrier gate system, pusat distributor tunggal barrier gate
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