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Name:Mrs. Ir. Mariati [Director/CEO/General Manager]
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Y!: cust.serviceberkatjaya@yahoo.com Y!: cust.serviceberkatjaya
Skype: berkatjayaabadi1
Google Talk:  sales@berkatjayagroup.com  sales@berkatjayagroup.com
Mobile Number:Mobile number of Mrs. Ir. Mariati at Surabaya
Phone Number:Phone number of Mrs. Ir. Mariati at Surabaya
Fax Number:Fax number of Mrs. Ir. Mariati at Surabaya
Address:Jl. Raya Wonorejo Permai RK 65
Surabaya 60296, Jawa Timur
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For further info, please don' t hesitate to contact us via email at salesbja@ berkatjayagroup.com
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Registration Date:Jan. 07, 2010
Last Updated:Sep. 26, 2014
Business Nature:Trade of Chemicals category

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Take this response as a motto, PT. Berkat Jaya Abadi, established in surabaya in 2001 with the aim to contribute to the modernization process, especially in scientific technology in Indonesia, and serves as the starting point for the development of Indonesia.

With our strength in technology is good. Human resources experience in laboratory equipment, thanks to Jaya Abadi provides various services to our customers including consulting, research, installation and after sales service. which is always ongoing, we excel in supplying laboratory equipment for trade at the best received by the professional context in Indonesia.

PT. Berkat Jaya Abadi provide equipment in the field of Biomolecular, Materials Chemistry, Surface Aerator, Laboratory Equipment. We will not only help them to build a laboratory in accordance with GLP standards. But it also helps production companies to obtain benefits to achieve GMP standard combination sophisticated laboratory equipment and products that knows how to be an important basis of the best service that we provide.

Indonesia has a potential market of a bright future in the field of laboratory equipment. A company that has a vision and mission, as PT. Berkat Jaya Abadi, will not be satisfied with the existing achievements. Business we do is Sciense business. This is also a serious task that will benefit the countries involved in the very long-term future. every Staff at PT. Berkat Jaya Abadi is improving technology mission. We are fully committed to contribute to building bridges of trade and technology between Indonesia and the World

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