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ENVIROMUX-IMD-O, Outdoor Infrared Motion Sensor
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Payment MethodTelegraphic Transfer (T/T)
OriginUnited States


Outdoor weatherproof - high reliability against water and insects
Double conductive shielding to eliminate false alarms from light sources
Registers movement in the area covered: 40 ft x 50 ft - 120° wide
LED lights during detection
Selectable detection paterns: Multi-Level ( 40 zones) or Pet Alley ( 18 zones)
Unwanted detection areas can be eliminated using the included area masking strips
Selectable Sensitivity: High, Mid and Low
Adjustable to the brightness of surrounding environment with the Day/ Night Mode switch
Tamper switch opens when cover is removed
Screw terminal
To connect to the RJ45 inputs use CAT5/ 5e/ 6 cable terminated at one end with RJ45 connector. Connect the un-terminated end to the sensor screw terminal.
Operating temperature: -4° F to 122° F ( -20° C to 50° C)
IP54 compliant
Powered by ENVIROMUX-SEMS-16.
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