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    gelang kertas/ wristband/ waterproof paper wristband/ gelang kertas anti air/ gelang promosi/ gelang tiket masuk/ gelang wahana permainan/ gelang waterpark/ gelang kolam renang/ tiket gelang/ gelang anti sobek

    Sesuai desain, qty dan logo.
    Minumum Order
    5000 Sheet
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    Payment Method
    Telegraphic Transfer (T/T)
    Pack. & Delivery
    Carton box / plastic.
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    Specification :

    Our waterproof paper wristbands are superior in quality.
    Paper wristband.
    Paper: Tyfex ( water proof) .
    Design & Logo : Customized.
    Color : Full colors.
    Adhesive : 3M

    NOTE :
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