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Pupuk Guano cap SARIPADI

Price:FOB Semarang
Quantity Order: Add to Basket
Payment Method:Telegraphic Transfer (T/T)
Pack. & Delivery:50 kg

Primary uses of guano fertilizers Cap SARIPADI
§ Coming up with the growth of the plants so the roots, stems and fruit / seed better
§ Assist in the formation of chlorophyll and enzymes
§ PH neutral ground so that the elements that will be easily absorbed by plants
§ Increasing power plants resistant to pests and diseases
§ Improve the quality and quantity of production

Company Contact
Name:Mr. Gatot Sulistya [Owner/Entrepreneur]
Instant Messaging:
Y!: isa.intisarialam Y!: isa.intisarialam
Mobile Number:0272.323746
Phone Number:0272323746
Fax Number:0272323746
Address:Jl.Kopral Sayom No.60 Klaten Tengah
Klaten 57414, Jawa Tengah
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