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Compass Suunto KB 14 Call : 29433824
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Fast and Easy to use with Extreme Accuracy

The sturdy pocket-size construction renders the Suunto Compass most suitable for every type of work. The instrument combines precision accuracy with fast, easy operation. Sighting and scale reading are done simultaneously. There are no screws to turn, no bubbles to center, and nothing to adjust.

* Optical Sighting Instrument for extreme accuracy
* Fast and Easy one-handed operation
* Jeweled bearing assembly: supports scale card, assures long-lasting, accurate operation
* Damping liquid: surrounds scale card, assures smooth, accurate and quick readings
* Parallax free lens: magnifies scale card graduations
* Solid light-weight aluminum housing, resists rust and protects against impact
* Body has camera tripod threads
* Neck lanyard and Skylon ( leather-like plastic) case
* Compass scale is azimuth ( 0-360 degrees) , graduated to 0.5 degree
* Reverse scale visible through the compass optics
* Compass is individually calibrated for an accuracy of ± 0.25 degree
CONTACT : 081934133212 / 021 - 29433824 / 99082858

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