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Pengobatan Gurah Tangerang

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Specification:What is Gurah Drops?

Molasses is ridding Gurah and dirty mucus, toxic and contains a variety of germs. The trick with a special concoction dripping into hidung.Khasiat ingredient makes all the nerves of the body reacts to press, push and dirty mucus containing germs and toxins ( from: coffee, cigarettes, alcohol, etc.) The mucus will come out through the nasal cavity and mouth. So that the entire respiratory, digestive and blood will not hurt bersih.Proses gurah and only takes about 1 hour.


Make noise to be: powerful, loud, loud loud and panjang.Sangat suitable for orators, preachers, reporters, preachers, protocol, host / MC, teachers, professors, and others.
Have a very sound: melodic, clean, smooth and empuk.Sangat suited for musicians, artists, qori-qoriah, qosidah, singer and others.
Increase the volume of the lungs and make breathing more length and is perfect for those who pursue power if the breath, yoga, meditation, martial arts, athlete, athletes, gymnasts and others.
Thought to be clear, intelligent, smart and more pandai.Sangat suitable for students, college students, students and knowledge seekers.

Healing of various diseases that can be treated by gurah:

TB, asthma, shortness of breath, mengguk and lung disease.
Headache, dizziness easy, stress, migraine
Flu, cold, dust allergies, persistent runny nose.
stomach disorders, respiratory disorders, digestive tract.
Dissolves mucus that interferes with the respiratory tract.
Dissolve the yeast and the slime and crust / dirt on the coating / lining of the lungs bagain inside and out.
Clean all the impurities that exist in the bladder / urinary bladder.
Destroy kidney stones and rocks on the bag of art / urine.
Prevent and cure: shortness of breath, dry cough, wet cough, brochitis, lung spots, irritation of the lungs.
Prevent and cure nasal obstruction, pholip, nasal swelling caused by air pollution and odor-AUAN.
To prevent and cure diseases of the tonsils or tonsils.
To prevent and neutralize blood pressure so that blood becomes normal conditions.
Prevent and cure cramps / spasms / stress and stroke / paralysis due to over-dose jasamani obat-obatan/ zat Chemistry and because of the emotional / his extreme ambition, epilepsy, and others dazed.
Prevent and cure of disorders of magic, witchcraft taxable, subject to witchcraft and jinn disorders.


Gurah is clean and the dirty mucus from the body by using the inner strength with potions khusus.Jadi in to " GURAH " not just shed a potion into the nose but there is a requirement or a specific ritual that must be done by the Pegurah, so results of gurah to succeed with very satisfactory.

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Tangerang 15000, Banten
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