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JAK-SEL 15 419
TLP: 021-36076576 / 021-94919594
FAX: 021-7420638
EMAIL: herdian@ ask-movers.com

Companies Moving Services - Packing domiciled in South Jakarta, which is always ready to serve customers who need services Moving Services, Packing Services and Freight, We always strive to provide the best solution for the needs of Moving Services, Packing and Shipping Your Goods.

Moving Services Company - Packaging that provides a professional service, quick, safe and comfortable during the removal process takes place and after we finish all the work We' re fine. We will always provide the best service and friendly smiles of the crew Tennis Us in any removal action that we do ..

Estimated Cost ...?

For a fee must be different and can only be set later after the company conducted a survey even though there are some companies that already have standardized certain price. But again we must be wise to compare costs in the offer by the Company Moving Services in a cost we must bear if we decide to do the removal process itself, nor do we compare with the value of such goods if we decide to buy any item in place our new future.
Free Survey Greater Jakarta Area ..

Prices Moving Services In / Out City

Home, Office, Apartment, Factories, etc.

Greater Jakarta Area = Rp. 125, 000 - Rp. 225.000/ Cbm Includes:
Packing material, labor packing, unpacking, loading and transportation

Outer City = Rp. 225 000 / CBM - Rp 1.000.000/ Cbm
Packing material, labor packing, unpacking, loading and unloading, not including transportation ..

( Mininum 10 CBM)

- Services Packaging / Packing Service

We provide Local and International Packing Services, Packing Box Full Crate and Pallet
( Minimum 5 cbm)

- Freight and Vehicle ..

- Service delivery of goods / Domestic and International packages via Land, Sea and Air ..

- Service Delivery cars, motorcycles and other vehicles ..

- Structuring Services, Relocation or Handling Special Project ..

- Structuring Services Exhibition equipment, relocation or Handling Special Projects such as moving machine Factory machine ..

- Removal Deposit Box
We are experienced in the transfer of any size and weight Deposit Box ..

Company Contact
Name:Mr. Dhewan Herdian [Marketing]
Instant Messaging:
Mobile Number:Mobile number of Mr. Dhewan Herdian at Tangerang Selatan
Phone Number:Phone number of Mr. Dhewan Herdian at Tangerang Selatan
Fax Number:Fax number of Mr. Dhewan Herdian at Tangerang Selatan
Address:Jln.Aleraya no.23 Rempoa
Tangerang Selatan 15412, Jakarta
herdian.jsa@ gmail.com
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