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Saudagar v1.0 - Software / Program Aplikasi Toko Ritel, Grosir

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Your Retail Business Easier and Faster

- Built using Open Source programs
- Can run on Windows Operating System, Linux, Mac OS
- Accessible through Local Network and Internet
- Accessible to many users and clients
- Able to access whenever and wherever you are when installed on the Internet
- No need to install the client program
- There is no limit the number of users
- There is no limit to the number of computers that access
- Easy and Fast to operate

Retail Software or Program or Software Retail Stores or Shops program is designed in such a way that can make it easier for you in managing retail and wholesale business such as sales of goods, entry of goods, and also can provide reports revenue and expenditure so that more Easy and Fast . Merchant' s already equipped with barcode facility that would accelerate the process of data input and your retail business transactions.

Merchant is also very easy to use because the web-based-base so you do not need a client program and support for Mini Printers or Dot Matrix.

For the business:

* Supermarket / Minimarket / Supermarkets
* Store Computer / HP / Electronic / grocery / ATK / Books / Photocopying
* Store Building / Ceramics / Household
* Clothing Store / Boutique / Distro / Bags / Shoes / Slippers / Jewelry / Accessories Men Women
* Stores Furniture / By-By / Cakes / Merchandise
* Pharmacy / Auto / Motorcycle Dealers / Showroom / Cooperative Employees / Cafe / Restaurant
* And other business sectors

The following features are provided by Saudagar v1.0:
1. Master Data
Master data is a feature that is used to collect data that will be associated with transactions that will be done. Part of the master data features such as: Data Goods / Stock, Supplier Data, Customer Data, Employee Data, and other supporting data.

2. Transaction
Recommended Transaction is a feature that is used to perform transaction-transactions that occurred in the retail industry activities, such as: Purchase Transaction, Transaction Sales, Returns, Transaction Fee Payable, Accounts Receivable Transaction Costs, and other types of transactions.

3. Reports
Feature Reports are used to display transactions that have been done. In the History can be viewed daily recap or a specific time range that can be search using date ranges, from transactions that have been made . In the report can be viewed Consolidated Sales, Purchase, Adjustment, payable / receivable and so forth.

4. Configuration
Configuration Features are provided to set the configuration software such as: Label Barcode Scanner, Print Memorandum, Application of Tax on Applications, Licenses Software and others.

Website : kedungrejo.com/ saudagar/
Demo Online : kedungrejo.com/ saudagar/ demo/
Download : kedungrejo.com/ saudagar/ download.php

Company Contact
Name:Mr. Abdul Kholiq [Director/CEO/General Manager]
Instant Messaging:
Mobile Number:Mobile number of Mr. Abdul Kholiq at Sidoarjo
Phone Number:Phone number of Mr. Abdul Kholiq at Sidoarjo
Address:Jl. Kedung Bahak RT 20 RW 09 Kedungrejo Jabon
Sidoarjo 61276, Jawa Timur
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