PT. Europa Teknik Lestari
PT. Europa Teknik Lestari
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Priority Member Indonetwork Priority 4th Year
PT. Europa Teknik Lestari
Registration Date: Mar. 11, 2011, Last Updated: Dec. 19, 2014
Business Nature: Trade, Service of Industrial Supplies category

Company Brief

welding machines for plastic processing.
Leister products are used in roof sealing systems,
floor coverings, plastic sheeting, earthworks, hydraulic and
tunnel engineering, process equipment manufacturing and
for vehicle repair.
Our welding machines are extremely efficient and easy to
operate and capable of processing PE-HD, PE-LD, PE-C,
PVC-P, PP, PFA, ECB, EVA and TPO materials. We offer an entire
product range of welding alternatives from hand
tools to automatic welding machines with memory card and
printer features.

Process heat : Heater, Blower and temperature controll.
Applications For activating, blow-off, drying, curing, forming, heating, sterillizing, welding, shrinking, etc in diverse industries as replacement of less precise open flames and induction-, steam convention- and infrared heaters.

Major Products / Services

Seller :
  • Plastic Welder - Heater - Blower
    Mesin las untuk thermoplastic, digunakan oleh civil engineering untuk penyambungan pipa plastik, geomembrance., HDPE sheet, dll

    Heater dan blower digunakan di segala industri dimana proses pemanasan diperlukan.

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