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In the ActivClassroom, bigger is better only most of the time. What do you do if your classroom or lecture hall is too large ( or just not suitable) for an ActivBoard? Our ActivPanel can help. It’ s a 15-inch LCD mini-board that plugs straight into your PC and lets you use a pen-like stylus to control our ActivInspire software, which can then be projected onto any size screen in razor-sharp detail.

ActivPanel allows total control of the lesson, the lecture, and ActivInspire software, without forcing you to turn your back on the audience. Whatever is onyour PC’ s screen shows up on your ActivPanel, and everything on your ActivPanel shows up on your room’ s screen. Just make the necessary connections, grab your stylus, and connect with students, parents, attendees, or anyone else anxiously awaiting the show.

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Name:Mrs. yuli herawati [Director/CEO/General Manager]
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Mobile Number:Mobile number of Mrs. yuli herawati at DKI Jakarta
Phone Number:Phone number of Mrs. yuli herawati at DKI Jakarta
Fax Number:Fax number of Mrs. yuli herawati at DKI Jakarta
Address:ROXY SQUARE Blok A1 No.1, LG Floor, Jl Kyai Tapa No. 1 Grogol Petamburan - Jakarta Barat
DKI Jakarta 11440, Jakarta
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