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PT.MMC Metal Fabrication
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Phone Number:Phone number of Mr. Heru at Cikarang - Bekasi
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Address:Jl.Jababeka XII B blok W26
Cikarang - Bekasi, Jawa Barat
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Registration Date:Nov. 22, 2010
Last Updated:Nov. 22, 2010
Business Nature:Manufacturing, Trade of Industrial Supplies category

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We, PT. MMC METAL FABRICATION has now achieved to be given a fame of quality fabricator among the world. It has come to realize by high performance alloy fabrication know-how and metallurgy experience dedicated from MITSUBISHI MATERIALS CORPORATION also support sales and quality assurance by connecting our valued customer and PT. MMC METAL FABRICATION.

PT. MMC METAL FABRICATION focuses to serve customers with basic policy of

1. Keep first class quality

2. Offer competitive price

3. Provide Product punctually

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