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PriceRp. 220.000 / Pieces
Minumum Order:1 Pieces
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Payment MethodTelegraphic Transfer (T/T), Cashier Order
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Impaired auditory function is not just a problem for elderly people only, but also was perceived ranging from infants, children through adolescence. Dysfunction for this hearing does not disturb the activities, we currently provide a hearing aid made in Germany under the brand " HARMED. "

Hearing aids brand " HARMED ' made in Germany is offered at a price Rp.210.000/ pcs .*
Max Out 126 db
Max Gaim 55,
Total Harmonic Dist d6% ( AT 100 Hz) ,
Input Noise equiv d28dB,
Frequency Range 300Hz-4000Hz,
Voltage 1.5V / 1.3V,
Current mA/ 2.2mA d3.1,
Zinc Battery

* Prices above are prices from July 2009 and may change at any time.
* The price does not include postage.
* To purchase please confirm in advance about the price and postage

Hearing Aids Care

Maintenance and good care is fundamental for the survival and function of your hearing aids. A hearing aid is a big investment. It is important for you to take steps to maintain its function as it should. Clean your hearing aids on a regular basis to keep your hearing aids in order to work better every time.

It is important to use a new battery in your hearing aids. If your battery runs out of stock, you can buy it at stores that sell batteries hour. Batteries should be stored in places that are not moist and keep out of reach of children and pets, do not store them with drugs. At night the battery in a hearing aid shall be closed. This is to ensure that the hearing aid is really in a state of death and did not make the battery runs out or dries. If you use a hearing aid dryer box, take the battery from the device because the dryer will make the battery box to dry.

Cleaning Hearing Aids
Microphone and receiver on your hearing aids susceptible to dust and should be checked regularly. The tools to clean a hearing aid at home very easily in to a price that is not expensive. The tools are a small brush and a cleaning earwax. To clean, you can also use a dry soft toothbrush to clean everyday. Brush gently clean the microphone and receiver of ear wax and dust. If you detect any dust in the hose receiver, ear wax cleaning tool ( wax loop) can be used with great care to clean it. Because the position of the receiver is on the side of the hose then you must be very careful, do not enter loop wax too deep will cause the receiver is damaged. Keep your hearing aids do not get into or get wet. You can clean the appliance with a soft, dry cloth to clean from dust.

Earmold / ear mold
Earmold / mold can be separated from the ear hearing aids ( BTE models) and can be cleaned with mild soap. Wax loop can be used to remove ear wax that may enter the hose from the ear canal. Earmold and hose should be completely dry before you install again on hearing aids, because the remaining water can cause your hearing aids were damaged. If there is dirt in the hose earmold ear that can not be removed with a wax loop or in the wash, this means the hose should be replaced with new ones. Hose earmold basically have to be replaced periodically, if the hose has become brittle, hard, started to change color.

Moisture can damage the hearing aid, hearing aids should be located in dryer every night. Perform cleaning hearing aids before storing in the drying. Batteries can be removed before you store it in the dryer ( dry aid kit) . Do not store batteries in the Dry aid kits as it will make the battery dry and reduced strength.

Troubleshooting Problems
If your hearing aids do not amplify the sound, try to check:

* Is there any dirt in the ear hearing aid receivers are constrained to make sound reached the ears?
* What is the battery runs out?
* Do you turn on the appliance?
For information and reservations HEARING AIDS HARMED MODEL CTS-99 ( behind the ear hearing aids) .
Contact: RENI 082113638861 / Yoga 08128490761

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