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Pupuk NPK l Pupuk Nilam l Mesin Pupuk Organik l Komposter - www.kencanaonline.com
Pupuk NPK l Pupuk Nilam l Mesin Pupuk Organik l Komposter - www.kencanaonline.com

Komposter BioPhosko® Compost Bin [ L]

Price:Rp 595.000,- (Loco Bandung)
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Payment Method:Telegraphic Transfer (T/T), Cashier Order
Quantity:Kemasan 1 Unit
Pack. & Delivery:Plastik Wrapping PE

Compost Bin [ L] Biophoskko with the dimension ( Height= 90 cm, Diameter= 55 cm) , a drum made of HDPE plastic is the right solutions to overcome trash ( especially for organics trashes came from households remnants such as : food, paper, etc) . Transform the households trashes into something useful like compost which is benefit to preserve the fertile of the soil and also as the nutrients supplier for your plants, or you could sells it commercially to farmers, gardens owner, to people who have hobies in plants and florist. Easy and simple to apply, Composter Type L capacity is 0, 12 m3 or 40 kg organic trashes. Komposter Type L has the capability to process trashes up to 7 day households garbage. Each person in Indonesian households produce trashes about 2, 6 litre each day or 13 litre each family in households with 5 member/ family. In order to processing organic trashes using Composter ( Type L) , follow the procedure bellow:
First, prepare household' s organic trashes ( food remnants, vegetables, fruit peel, fish, and meat) and also make sure the trashes materials has been chopped into small pieces ( 10-50 mm or 5 cm) . Capacity of Composter ( Type L) , dimensions with Height x Diameter ( 90 cm and 55 cm) is + / - 0, 12 m3 ( cubic) or equal to 40 kg organic trashes ( convertion or density/ cm3 of trashes weight to volume is 20% ) . For household domestic trashes or restaurant, its not difficult to make/ cut the trashes into small pieces. Beside the households trashes is already in small size, to mince ( cut into small pieces) the household organic trashes wont do any trouble because the small amount of the trashes, to mince, its enough to slice it up using knives or other kind of slicing tolls.
Second, put the organic trashes into mixing container like bucket, pail, or other kind of container. Mixed with Green Phoskko® Bulking Agent 1-3% from the materials or equal with 0, 8 kg for 40 kg organic trashes ( for Composter Type L) , and stir it flat.
Third, when the absorption of bulking agent into the compost material occurs, in different container; prepare the Green Phoskko® Compost - Activator ( bakteri aktinomycetes- spesies aktinomyces naeslundii, Lactobacillus spesies delbrueckii, Bacillus Brevis, Saccharomyces Cerevisiae, ragi, and jamur serta Cellulolytic Bacillus Sp) . 6 spoons of compost activator microba- if available add in 1 spoon sugar or 1 spoon molases ( sugarcane) and dissolve it within 10 - 15 litre of water. Stir flat, and the microba is ready to flush onto the trashes materials- which has been mixed with bulking agent ( right on the second step) slowly, a little by a little ( partially) or keep it first for 2-4 hours would do much better.
Fourth, when its feel the microba and the water has dissolved well into the materials ( identify by the trashes, when you lifted up the materials, the water wont drop from the materials, but when the materials got swueeze the water will drop) , put the compost materials into Composter. Within few days later the heat reaction will occur, the temperature within the drum up to 70 degree celcius, if available you could measure it using the thermometer. When the heat reaction occur, make sure do not remove the cover from the drum so that the perfect decomposition will achieve.
Fifth, at days 5-6, decomposition reaction inside the Composter will through, and by that time another organic trashes might added in ( the material preparation according to step 1 -3 above) . Or, if it' s feel necessary, at days 7 - 9, if the temperature below 30 degree C or considered cool, the composts is ready to harvest from the bottom part inside the Composter thru the door that lies at the bottom side of the drum. The Material composts is still wet, sticky, and moist, that compost condition require to keep on a cool places and covered by the sack to wind it up. Wihtin a few days later ( generally in 3-5 days) the wet compost materials will dried up and loose. Then, if the composts goes to sells commercially, sieve the compost material so that will separated the big and the small composts granule. The big granule composts actually could be pounded into small pieces or reuse for your plants. Put the composts small granule into the package sack as its planned. Then now you have composts that made by your self which is ready to sells or to use for your own plants.

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