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Dzikir Pagi Petang dan Sesudah Shalat Fardhu

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Specification:God commands us to a lot of dhikr when morning and evening. Similarly, when completed fardhu prayer, then we are also prescribed for dhikr to Him, too. Then how and what-dhikr dhikr is taught by the Prophet?

Therefore, we published a book entitled " Dhikr Morning and Evening Prayers After Fardhu According to the Koran and the Sunnah as-Saheeh " prepared by Yazid bin Abdul Qadir Jawas. The book is organized in a systematic and easily memorized by anyone, whether young or old.

-Dhikr Dhikr contained in this book is extremely useful to you, because in addition to dhikr of Allah, you also turn on the sunnah of the Messenger of Allah in dhikr Saar morning and after evening prayers fardhu ' . Where at this time, most Muslims had left and making dhikr dhikr-new, never been taught by the Prophet.

for reservations, please contact the ' Pernik Muslim' + 62 ( 031) 5963404
or SMS + 628563364677,
or email support [ at] pernikmuslim.com.
Or visit our website at http: / / www.pernikmuslim.com

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