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Payment Method:Telegraphic Transfer (T/T)
Pack. & Delivery:DRUM@200ltr / PAIL / CURAH ( BULK )
Origin:United Kingdom (Great Britain)
Specification:Gulf Diesel Engine Oils :
Gulf Superfleet Special 15w40, CI4
Gulf Superfleet Special 15w40, CH4
Gulf Super Diesel Plus 15w40, CF4
Gulf Super Duty Motor Oil 10w, CF
Gulf Super Duty Plus 30, CF
Gulf Super Duty Plus 40, CF
Gulf Super Duty Plus 50, CF

Gulf Automotive Gear & Transmission Fluids :
GUlfGear MP 90, GL-5
GUlfGear MP 140, GL-5
GUlfGear MP 80w90, GL-5
GUlfGear MP 85w140, GL-5

Gulf Turbine & Hydraulics :
Gulf Harmony 32
Gulf Harmony 46
Gulf Harmony 68
Gulf Harmony AW 32
Gulf Harmony AW 46
Gulf Harmony AW 68
Gulf Harmony HVI 46
Gulf Harmony HVI 68
Gulf Crest 32
Gulf Crest 46

Gulf Industrial Gear Oil :
Gulf EP Lubricant HD 100
Gulf EP Lubricant HD 150
Gulf EP Lubricant HD 220
Gulf EP Lubricant HD 320
Gulf EP Lubricant HD 460
Gulf EP Lubricant HD 680

Gulf Transformer Oil :
Gulf Transformer Oil A
( Paraffinic )
Gulf Transformer Oil N
( Napthanic )

Gulf Compressor & Refrigeration :
Gulf Eskimo 32
Gulf Eskimo 46
Gulf Eskimo 68
Gulf Compressor 32
Gulf Compressor 46
Gulf Compressor 68

Gulf Marine & Railroad :
GulfMar Select 420
GulfMar Select 430
GulfMar Select 440
GulfMar DPO 412

Gulf Processing Oils :
GulfWay 68
GulfWay 220
GulfTherm 32
GulfTherm 46
Gulf Rock Drill 100
Gulf Rock Drill 150
Gulf Rock Drill 220
Gulf Rock Drill 320
Gulf Soluble Cutting Oil

Gulf Greases :
Gulf Chassis Grease 2
Gulf Crown Grease 2
Gulf Crown Grease 3
Gulf Crown EP Grease 0
Gulf Crown EP Grease 1
Gulf Crown EP Grease 2
Gulf Crown EP Grease 3
Gulf Crown LC 2
Gulf Crown LC 3
Gulf Crown HT Grease 2
Gulf Plex Moly EP 2
Gulf Crown CS2

Company Contact
Name:Mr. Fajar Handoko [Director/CEO/General Manager]
Instant Messaging:
Y!: fajarbisma@yahoo.com Y!: fajarbisma
Mobile Number:Mobile number of Mr. Fajar Handoko at Jakarta
Phone Number:Phone number of Mr. Fajar Handoko at Jakarta
Fax Number:Fax number of Mr. Fajar Handoko at Jakarta
Address:Kalibata Indah Blok U-29
Jakarta 12750, Jakarta
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