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    Maximum flexibility
    * More than 100 pre-programmed methods
    * Automatic wavelength adjustment
    * Backlit graphic display with intuitive user guidance
    * Data storage according to GLP
    * USB interface for data transfer, update and power supply

    Complete water and waste water analysis
    * Ammonium, Chlorine, total-N, total-P, Nitrate, Nitrite, all COD tests and many more
    * More than 100 pre-programmed tests
    o VISOCOLOR® ECO tests
    o NANOCOLOR® tube tests
    * Programmable for 10 user-defined methods
    * Photometric basic functions: absorbance, transmission, factor and standard

    Technical data
    Type: Filter photometer with microprocessor control, self-test and auto-calibration; Wavelength range 340 - 860 nm
    Optics: Automatic filter wheel with 7 interference filters
    Insensitive to external light - no light shield required
    Wavelengths: 345 / 436 / 470 / 540 / 585 / 620 / 690nm
    plus 1 compartment for additional filters
    Wavelength accuracy: ± 2 nm, bandwidth at half transmission 10 - 12 nm
    Light sources: Tungsten lamp
    Detector: Silicon photodiode
    Blanc value: Automatic
    Measuring modes: Over 100 pre-programmed tests
    ( NANOCOLOR® tube tests and VISOCOLOR® ECO tests)
    Adsorbance, transmission, factor, standard
    10 freely programmable methods
    Photometric range: ± 3 E
    Photometric accuracy: ± 1 %
    Stability: < 0.002 E/ h
    Cuvette holder: Round tubes 16 mm OD
    Data memory: 200 results, GLP conform
    Display: Backlit graphic display, 64 x 128 pixels
    All important data at a glance: Result in respective unit, date, time, sample number, sample location and dilution
    Operation: Display user guidance, plastic foil keyboard
    Test selection via test number or parameter lists
    12 languages ( de, en, fr, es, it, nl, hu, pl, pt, cz, id, si)
    Quality Control: With NANOCONTROL NANOCHECK
    Interface: USB 2.0
    Update: Via Internet/ PC; free of charge
    Operating range: 0 - 50 ° C , up to 90 % relative humidity
    Power supply: Via USB power supply, standard or rechargeable batteries
    Housing Waterproof, IP 67
    Dimensions: 215 / 100 / 65 mm
    Weight: 0.7 kg
    Warranty: 1 - 2 years
    This appliance comply with the following EC directives:
    2006/ 95/ EG Low-Voltage Directive
    2004/ 108/ EG EMC Directive