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Distributor Sprei bed cover kintakun langsung pabrik

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Distributor Sprei bed cover kintakun langsung pabrik
Distributor Sprei bed cover kintakun langsung pabrik
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Name:Mrs. Reni Mutiara [Marketing]
Instant Messaging:
Y!: helmyfaisal@yahoo.com Y!: helmyfaisal
Mobile Number:0817124071
Phone Number:021-44831613
Fax Number:021-44831613
Address:Jl. Kramat Jaya Komp.BPP Blok A3 Rt.04/014. (belakang Islamic Center)
Jakarta Utara 14260, Jakarta
kintakun, sprei, bed cover, bedcover, daftar harga, agen, distributor, pabrik kintakun, bandung, Kintakun, KINTAKUN
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Registration Date:Apr. 24, 2009
Last Updated:Jan. 12, 2010
Business Nature:Trade of Textile & Leather category

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Hi, We are Supplier that Supplies Bed Sheet, Bed Cover from KINTAKUN Manufacturer. It is high recomended for you to review this site. From a high Quality CVC Material to a cheap Competitive, easy paying method website. see http: / / kintakun.comze.com or http: / / www.rumahkintakun.com for more details.

Please do a transfer to BANK MANDIRI 120-000-408-7990 a/ n Helmy Faisal. name your order and your adress as clear as possible. We will send the items as soon as possible.! !

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