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Sari Hikmah Nusantara, CV

Registration Date: Aug. 23, 2010 - Last Updated: Sep. 09, 2015

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Sari Hikmah Nusantara,  CV

We serve you in water treatment services. We have hard desire to be one of competitive company in serving any kind of water treatment equipment, service and also contracting.

To that end we strive to offer products and services that are slightly different compared with similar companies engaged in the same field. We strive to create a revolution inside us to be able to open our minds so as to define the precise needs of our customers to ultimately be able to propose solutions to tactical & strategic.

On the other hand we are also always open to the use of latest technology that supports our field. As already widely known by the general public regarding the use of membranes for water treatment such as ultra filtration, nano filtration & reverse osmosis we have also started to apply the latest technology that will soon be popular in the future such as:

Molecular Sieve ( often referred to as granule membrane) for several cases that support such as purification of bio-diesel, bio-ethanol etc..
De-ionizer for the prevention & repair pipes that have been formed scale & rust.
Application of resin for a broader process than to the needs of softener and demineralizer. For example, for the capture of the remnants of heavy metals from water, purification color of liquid of sugar etc..
coal gasification technology ( Coal-Gasification) as an alternative to the boiler furnace.
And others things that will always being updated on our site and can be monitored by anyone, anywhere at any time.

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Mr. Haris Subrata,ST [Marketing]
Metland Cileungsi AB 19/18 Cileungsi
Bogor 16820, Jawa Barat
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Phone Number:
+62-21-8248 2772
Mobile Number:
0857 1416 1717 (IM3); 0878 0875 0292 (XL); 0852 8189 9977 (AS)
Fax Number:
+62-21-2960 8103
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