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Mr. candra candra [Director/CEO/General Manager]

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Kedung BAruk 53
Surabaya 60283, Jawa Timur

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hotline: 08123131056 / 081939777088 / 081369202202
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Remote Meter MT50 FOR LS* * * * B & MPPT TracerBN Solar Charge Controller With 2m commincation cable and mounting frame.

The new generation remote meter MT50 is compatible with....
We produce various kinds of Signboard & Signage ( Board Names & Signs Directive) for Outdoor & Indoor locations such as:
Signs Traffic and Parking
Signs K3 ( Safety & ....
PJU Solar is street lighting using sunlight as a source of electrical energy.
PJU Solar is suitable for roads in areas not reached by electricity and also areas experiencing....
PJU Solar is an inexpensive and efficient alternative for use as a power source for lighting and uses free energy from the realm of the unlimited solar energy.

50Watt Solar PJU....
Garden lights provide beauty and security to your home. LED garden lights with solar power, easily portable, easy-care, durable, without withdrawal cable.

During the day the....
we provide new products, Batteries " Hitachi " Japanese products are high quality and durable.
Uses for:
- Children' s Toys / Toys and hobbies
- Wheelchairs / Wheel....
Now we offer a new product that is LEOCH " SLIM " Battery. These batteries are often used for UPS UPS in your home or office, etc.. This product can be found at an affordable....
sell various kinds of brand Accu rocket Korean origin.
We serve the number of parties as well as retail.
call 082244454123
We provide a new product that is a Xantrex inverter / charger On Grid is a combination of an inverter, battery charger and switches are arranged in a complete system.

Wide range of sizes available battery box for solar cell project.
Hery project, SHS projects, or other electrical panel projects ( hospitals, malls, offices, etc.)
Hot Dip Galvanized and Electro Pleating

T60cm x L240cm x dia.kawat 5mm
T60cm x L240cm x dia.kawat 5, 5mm
T60cm x L240cm x dia.kawat 6mm

T90cm x L240cm x dia.kawat 4mm
Price nego
Zanetta battery has been tested quality and affordable price for backup needs such as UPS, factory machines, Solar Cell System, etc..

Here we provide various types of sizes:
Pricenego call
PJU Solar based LED uses less power and efficient. PJU lamp solar power is only supplied from the solar energy received by the solar modules into electricity and stored in....
We provide a new product that Solar Mini Fridge is designed to cool food or drink. Besides cool also can warm food drinks. A mini fridge ( portable) with cheap price. This product....
Solar Home System is a package of Household Electrical and Lighting using Solar Power ( Solar Panel ) which is very efficient and the best alternative for areas not reached PLN....
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