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Products Catalog : Bakteri Probiotik Pengurai Limbah Anaerob ( STARBACT-ANAEROB)  Apr. 27, 2015 22:50:23

One of our waste water bacteria product ( anaerobic) that used for : 1. neutralize of waste water in industry, human waste in septic tank, kitchen waste 2. to quicken of composting process ( solid....

Supplier: PT. SINTESA KARYA ANUGRAH MULIA [Jakarta Timur, Jakarta, Indonesia]
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  • Products Catalog : Pupuk Organik Pangsaena  Apr. 23, 2015 14:19:32

    PANGSAENA® PANGSAENA® Supplement containing the complete macro and micro elements that constitute the development of the latest formula so it has a remarkable ability to increase production and....

    Supplier: Nazwacorp [Bandung, Jawa Barat, Indonesia]
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  • Products Catalog : BAHAN KIMIA UNTUK PRAKTEK SEKOLAH  Apr. 14, 2015 10:03:49

    1, 1, 1-Trikloroetana Agar-agar, Putih Akuades Akuades ( Air Suling) Alat Uji Elektrolit Albumin Telur Aluminium ( III) Klorida Heksahidrat Aluminium ( III) Sulfat, 18-hidrat Aluminium, ....

    Supplier: KARUNIA MAKMUR Corp [Medan, Sumatera Utara, Indonesia]
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    bergerak di bidang pertanian perseorangan, untuk kebutuhan pribadi

    [muara jawa, Kalimantan Timur, Indonesia]
    Products Catalog : PUPUK BIO ORGANIK HERBAFARM  Apr. 8, 2015 22:49:21

    Bio Fertilizer Organic Fertilizer Herbafarm is produced by PT Sidomuncul Semarang Indonesia WHAT IS THE ROLE OF WORK HERBAFARM In plants? - Herbafarm hormones increase fertilizer efficiency and....

    Supplier: PT.Nutrend International [Bandar Lampung, Lampung, Indonesia]
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  • Sell : Jual Bio Insektisida ( Nirhama)  Apr. 3, 2015 15:12:20

    We provide bioinsektisida ( Nirhama) Nirhama is bioinsektisida with Paecilomyces furmosoroseus as the active ingredient. This product is packaged with a special formulation in storage so durable....

    Supplier: CV. Kelola Bumi Nusantara [Bogor, Jawa Barat, Indonesia]
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    Products Catalog : INOSITOL ex. Zhucheng Haotian-China ( SUDAH HALAL MUI)  Apr. 2, 2015 15:33:27

    Inositol and some of its mono- and polyphosphates function as the basis for a number of signaling and secondary messenger molecules. They are involved in a number of biological processes, including: ....

    Supplier: PT.HOSANA CHEMINDO [BOGOR, Jawa Barat, Indonesia]
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  • Sell : limbah kayu manis  Mar. 31, 2015 18:07:19

    selling cinnamon bark and shape ex distilled , you can use for farm, seasoning or mix forage

    Supplier: CIPTA PRATAMA TRANS [Kodya semarang, Jawa Tengah, Indonesia]
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    Products Catalog : cocofiber serat sabut kelapa  Mar. 23, 2015 15:20:24

    offering cheap cocofiber specification: bulk product wet or dry conditions weight 10-13 kg / sack stock: 500 sacks productivity: 100 bags / week

    Supplier: kearifan lokal [Banyumas, Jawa Tengah, Indonesia]
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    Products Catalog : Hifer+  Mar. 16, 2015 15:58:43

    Hifer+ adalah hijauan awet permentasi dengan menggunakan Aditif Fermentasi ( AF) , dalam kemasan komersial, praktis untuk disimpan, diangkut, ditransportasi-kan, diperjual belikan, dan praktis....

    Supplier: Anugrah Farm [Jasinga, Jawa Barat, Indonesia]
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  • Products Catalog : minyak kelapa sawit  Mar. 5, 2015 18:15:35

    Crude palm oil , fresh fruit bunch, palm shell

    Supplier: CV HOBASITAMA LESTARI LUHUR [Jakarta Timur, Jakarta, Indonesia]
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  • Products Catalog : BUTHYL ACETATE  Mar. 3, 2015 13:42:03


    Supplier: PT ATLANTIK SEJAHTERA RAYA [JAKARTA, Jakarta, Indonesia]
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  • PT SRI JAGAD JAYA is an import export and home care/ personal care manufacturing business, owned by an Indonesian owner Sri Kusumawati. We specialize in fertilizer, liquid hand soap, multipurpose....

    [Surabaya, Jawa Timur, Indonesia]
    Products Catalog : pupuk npk mahkota, pupuk za mahkota, pupuk kieserit mahkota, pupuk kcl mahkota  Feb. 25, 2015 15:10:48

    fertilizers for agriculture and plantations such as palm oil, cloves, cocoa, horticulture, rice dal other. , In addition to a standard formula, the formula also serve to order with specific....

    Supplier: PT SINASCO [Palu, Sulawesi Tengah, Indonesia]
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  • Products Catalog : Nagawa soilup Grownic  Feb. 24, 2015 11:38:18

    refaolshop is a brand of organic fertilizer sales agent grownic that sales through online, Nagawa soilup grownic is a cutting-edge solutions based on the development of environmentally friendly....

    Supplier: Refaolshop [banyuwangi, Jawa Timur, Indonesia]
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