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Products Catalog : Lampu Hias Tiang PJU 39  Jun. 28, 2014 10:49:30

Raja Lampu produces various artificial garden decorative lights with various designs and sizes Raja Lampu lights decorative lamps made from fiberglass reinforcement plastic material that is....

Supplier: Priority Member RAJA LAMPU [Sukoharjo, Jawa Tengah, Indonesia]
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    Products Catalog : H07RN-F ( Flexible Rubber Cable)  Jun. 27, 2014 6:25:28

    Top Cable H07RN-F cables are designed to supply power to low voltage appliances including electric motors and submersible pumps in deep water installations as well as many other types of electrical....

    Supplier: Priority Member GLOBAL ELEKTRINDO [Jakarta Pusat, Jakarta, Indonesia]
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    Sell : KENKO Balance KK 15W  Jun. 26, 2014 10:19:49

    Type: KK-15W Description: If you need a scale that has a simple function that is just the type KK weigh-15W is suitable for you, has been equipped with a battery and charger kit, these scales....

    Supplier: Priority Member PT. Quantum Global Utama [Depok, Jawa Barat, Indonesia]
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    Sell : Jual LED FLOOD LIGHT / Lampu Sorot 50 Watt  Jun. 25, 2014 15:08:51

    LED FLOOD LIGHT 50 WATT : Height : 230 mm Width : 280 mm Depth : 120 mm

    Supplier: Priority Member PT. NETRA OPTOELECTRONICS [Jakarta Barat, Jakarta, Indonesia]
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    Sell : MEMMERT UNIVERSAL HEATING OVEN UN / UF  Jun. 24, 2014 14:09:44

    Universal oven UN / UF / UNplus / UFplus Precise drying, heating, ageing, burn-in and hardening in research, science, industry and quality assurance Generation 2012 universal ovens are....

    Supplier: Priority Member CV ERELHAES REHJAYANA [Jakarta Pusat, Jakarta, Indonesia]
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    Products Catalog : Power Inverter  Jun. 24, 2014 11:06:10

    An inverter is an electrical device that converts direct current ( DC) to alternating current ( AC) ; the resulting AC can be at any required voltage and frequency with the use of appropriate....

    Supplier: Priority Member LOGAM JAYA [JAKARTA BARAT, Jakarta, Indonesia]
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  • Products Catalog : Panel Cubicle 20KV  Jun. 24, 2014 9:56:21

    Protection Circuit Breaker cubicle 24 kv by PT.Global Energy Power Indonesia, more information contact: 081806004442 : 08561994443 : 081382216148

    Supplier: Priority Member PT.GLOBAL ENERGY POWER INDONESIA [Bekasi, Jawa Barat, Indonesia]
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    Products Catalog : Ride On Scrubber Battery | Ride On Scrubber drayer | Ride On Scrubber sweeping  Jun. 23, 2014 22:42:31

    Scrubber Machine DRYERS Matches in use for cleaning companies searvice: 1.Kantor. 2.Hotel. 3.Rumah ill. 4.Apartement. 5.Mall. 6.Industri.dll Features: Driving style is ideal sneeping....

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    Products Catalog : Setrika Tobi Steam Wand  Jun. 22, 2014 0:29:53

    Is the job ironing clothes is membosahkan job for you? Iron a practical tool people discovered and put into use since 1882, even Now with a more futuristic technological advances, remains the tool....

    Supplier: Priority Member I - Market [Jakarta Pusat, Jakarta, Indonesia]
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    Sell : Distributor UPS Liebert Online GXT3, 5 10 KVA jenis rackmount cocok untuk ruang server  Jun. 21, 2014 19:45:17

    Flexibility Installs in either rack or tower configuration. Detects and matches line input frequencies of either 60 or 50 Hz, automatically. Provides compatibility with backup generators -....

    Supplier: Priority Member SENTRADAYA GROUP - SURABAYA [Sidoarjo, Jawa Timur, Indonesia]
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    Sell : IGBT APT  Jun. 21, 2014 14:19:29


    Supplier: Priority Member CV. MEGASUKSES [Batam, Kepulauan Riau, Indonesia]
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    We, Introducing our self as one of an agent in Indonesia to supply and service for DETROIT DIESEL Parts. We have stock for DETROIT DIESEL Engine Parts to repair, maintain, rebuild or overhaul your....

    Supplier: Priority Member PT. KARYA MULTI ENERGY [Jl. S Parman Raya Blok B/8DH, Jakarta Barat, Jakarta, Indonesia]
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  • Products Catalog : scotchkote electrical coating 14853.15fl oz , 10 per case  Jun. 19, 2014 21:18:58

    scotchkote electrical coating 14853.15fl oz , 10 per case, scotchkote electrical coating , a fast drying coating that provides extra protection to splices where moisture, oil, and corrosive condition....

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    Y!: Y!: mesinkasir1st Y!: Y!: ptmko1 Y!: Y!: ptmko2 Y!: Y!: ptmko3 Y!: Y!: ptmko4
    Products Catalog : Casio SE-S400  Jun. 17, 2014 16:48:43

    Casio SE-S400, one of the newest product of the family Casio cash register. compared to its predecessor, the Casio SE-S400 has several advantages. The most prominent excess of Casio SE-S400 is of....

    Supplier: Priority Member MESIN KASIR ONLINE, PT [Surabaya, Jawa Timur, Indonesia]
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    Sell : PATROL GUARD TERMINAL WM3000N ( PERLENGKAPAN KEAMANAN)  Jun. 16, 2014 17:01:41

    The WM3000N is a new developed Patrol Tour Data Collection Terminal based on Radio Frequency identification technology. It Scan RFID tags and stores their ID Codes in a Journal memory, together with....

    Supplier: Priority Member PT. SARANA SISTEM MIKRO [Jakarta Timur, Jakarta, Indonesia]
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